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Nemex Studios website is an archive of applications. It includes a variety of applications targeted to help the community. Nemex website includes updates and articles about Nemex software, technology and more...

Nemex goal is to provide help with your everyday tasks and issues.

About Myself
My name is Shay and I live in Israel, Tiberias. I'm 22 years old and I have started Nemex at age 16.
Developing has always been a part of me - as the computer is.

I started coding at age 10/11, when I built my first HTML webpage - from then I continued to develop for Windows based systems (Mouse Recorder Pro) and Symbian based mobiles (ShakeCube) using languages like Python, VB .Net and C#.
I'm also building and designing websites mainly with HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript,
and developing network enabled application like Advanced TicTacToe.

Not only developing for Windows and Symbian I'm also experienced with VHDL programming targeted for robots (The nBot).

My love and passion for computers has always been and that's why I do what I do.
Nemex began it's way from 2008. Nemex doesn't stand for any meaning it's just a name. I was interested about programming for a while and it came to a point where I had decided to give it a try. I hope my applications helps you and that's the only thing I can ask for. I love to build websites, program, image editing, and basically everything that is connected to the PC, skating, playing guitar, and of course Satriani!

Contact me at: shynet@gmail.com
Or add me to your MSN: shy124_@walla.co.il

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Comments (38)
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By Marcelo, at Jul 15, 2024
Please, any chance to make Mouse Recorder pro portable?
By EJ, at Apr 26, 2024
My life would be a lot different without MRP2, many many thanks
By Dale Kramer, at Sep 18, 2023
You should have these two Events "Store Mouse Position" and "Return to Stored Mouse Position". Then a "Return Mouse to Start Position as last event" checkbox on the Mouse Recorder Pro form.
By William, at Sep 17, 2021
Thanks a lot, still use MRP2 under Windows 10. Great piece of software. @Jim you have DPI scaling enabled in Windows 10. Enable the ultrascript plugin and you're good.
By Jim, at Aug 13, 2021
Thanks a lot! Since win10 ,The Mouse Recorder Pro 2 work the wrong way :Mouse position always NG!
By b., at Apr 10, 2021
Thanks for your work, wonder if you still around..
By Zoya, at Nov 10, 2017
Shay, thanks a lot for Mouse Recorder Pro! For some reason the app does minimize when I click Record button, but nothing shows up in the Events section. Any ideas what might be causing it?
By Estebnam, at Jul 9, 2017
i have a problem, I get a box that says: "failed to connect to / (
By André Maciel, at Mar 20, 2017
I have a question: Is it possible, after the macro runs, that the main program interface does not appear?
By borgus, at Dec 13, 2015
Hidden toolbar seems to display whether or not its SETTINGS|TOOLBAR box is ticked. Please elaborate on what that check mark does. Very nice utility. Thanks for making it available!
By Shynet, at Jan 30, 2015
Hello Sheldon, first thing thank you. Use the comment section at the MRP page please. Anyway, you can create a batch to do what you want.
By Sheldon, at Jan 22, 2015
Hi Shay, greetings from Florida. Awesome program! Can an M2S file somehow start playing just by clicking on it? Currently I will click, then a window will pop up and I will have to click Play.
By Thankyou, at Jan 7, 2015
By Ofer, at Jan 7, 2015
By João, at May 12, 2014
Hi there! MRP is fabulous and saved me a LOT of time doing dull tasks at work - all scripted and executed with MRP. Surely your goal is being met all around the world (I'm from Brazil)! Congrats for your excelent job!
By Knolle, at Jan 31, 2014
Hey dude. :) I love your MRP, but sometimes I miss some functions. Like "position x/y(window)" and not only the whole desktop. So if I move a window, the scrip didn't need to modified to work. You know what I mean? And something else: (help) I tried to create a few modul scripts and combine them to one. But that didn't worked fine. I got many problems like the modules weren't executed. Pls help
By Shynet, at Oct 3, 2013
You can make MRP scripts start after your computer has been booted. What do you mean by saying that some files are missing and you should re-download them? files of MRP? or something elese?
By Rosebud, at Jul 28, 2013
Hi, I love the mouse pro 2. I only have one problem hope you can help me. My computer will shut down for an update or lose power. Computer will shutdown for what ever reason, this knocks out my mouse recorder every time. It is the most accurate one I have used. I love it and would love to figure a solution to this problem. If it closes and I open again the mouse clicker will not work after this happens. I will have to delete all componets of this file and the redownload again and sometimes it will not work because all the componets did not uninstall and I have to do some manually. It takes me a while to get all of the files gone so I can redownload. Thanks for your help with this issue.
By Shynet, at Nov 21, 2012
Thank you for your appreciation (-:
By Sami, at May 25, 2012
Hey Shey, thank you for your nice InputManager class… :-)
By Shynet, at May 4, 2012
Check out the message I posted at the nJoy software page.
By shinigami, at May 3, 2012
when i connect from my phone galaxy with my laptop the njo say connection timed out why this software not work with laptop just need Pc
By Mouli, at Jan 9, 2012
Hi you are awesome. i sent u a mail i hope u reply for that. ur tool is so good.
By Christen, at Dec 5, 2011
The mouse recorder 2 software is great! Thanks for writing it and releasing it.
By 3xposedMind, at Aug 27, 2011
Good job man.
By Beeloved S, at Jul 5, 2011
Hi...am in love with your intelligence. Thanks for everything u have shared. I have emailed u lately, i hope u reply me asap. thanks
By Shynet, at Jun 3, 2011
Thank you so much guys I really appreciate it. Gons, don't worry, I develop software for fun, I get money from advertisements (which helps me keeping this server running). Thank you so much for you great words!
By Gons, at May 27, 2011
Hi mate, ¡¡it is so awesome your mouse recorder!! it helps me alot on automation process, trust me it is the best program i have ever used. you should set a donation page with paypal, because you deserve it, i feel guilty using your fantastic software and not giving you any money. i hope you keep improving it and thinking in new ideas to make it better because you are a very intelligent and creative boy. this mouse recorder is revolutionary, i had to make repetitive process and took me alot of time thanks to your software now i have 2 hours of free time. ¡¡thank you alot!!
By Magno, at Apr 18, 2011
I like to suggest a checkbox on MouseRecorder to enable\disable asking "Are you sure you want to start a new script" because i always making new scripts!!!!!!!!!
By GermanGuy, at Apr 15, 2011
Hey I just got the Mouse Recorder Pro 2 and I love it. It has so many cool functions, well done! I'm 16 and I also love programming. Hope you will create much more cool applications! Good Luck ;)
By Zero Code, at Jan 31, 2011
hey mate nice site and cool company you got right there ... we share a lot of commin stuff bro so i added you to my msn list wanna chat with you to help my develop an idea that im working on it ;)
By Shynet, at Jan 27, 2011
Hello Dominique, Thank you so much! I read your post and I will answer it in a few minutes. Again, Thank you so much all!
By John, at Jan 20, 2011
Your Mouse Recorder Pro 2.0 is a great piece of software. Works perfectly. Thanks for sharing.
By Varshard, at Jan 8, 2011
U're a genius. Thank U so much.
By Shynet, at Dec 9, 2010
Thank you everyone, I greatly appreciate it!
By AUNG LIN, at Nov 6, 2010
Thanks son.You did great.
By Deco, at Oct 11, 2010
Shalom Toda Raba
By Nokiadeals.com, at Jul 31, 2010
You're a very smart and talented young man. Well done for a job!!!
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