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MDReplacer - Fast Windows 10 desktop switch!
This utility allows switching between Windows 10 desktops using your Shift and mouse wheel easily!
DroidShout Lite - Find your mobile!
Make your phone shout by sending SMS, find your phone around the house easily!
SMS From PC -
Manage your phone SMS messages easily! (write and read using your keyboard)
nJoy Server
Use your mobile device as a gaming joystick, media controller and desktop control - play with your friends!
Listen to your favorite music on YouTube with this sidebar gadget by just typing their names!
3D Picture Viewer 1.3
Scroll through your pictures in 3D space, find that one picture you are looking for easily!
TakeABreak Gadget
A gadget designed to help users manage their computer working hours and breaks to protect their eyes
Designed to help users manage their computer working hours and breaks
Schedule Shutdown 2
Allows you to schedule shutdown / restart / logout events
A windows sidebar gadget used to interact with Mouse Recorder Pro 2
PortX360 1.0
Allows you to play unsupported Xbox 360 controller games with multiple Xbox 360 controllers!
Mouse Recorder Pro Script Converter
A script conversion tool that converts Mouse Recorder Pro 1.3 scripts to be compatible with new MRP versions (
CamStop 1.0
CamStop is a stopper based on your webcam detected motion
ShakeCube 1.1.0
Built for the Symbian platform (supports FP1 devices) shake your phone and roll a dice!
Schedule Shutdown
Schedule a shutdown, restart or log out events on everyday basis or at a specific moment
File Manager
Manage your file names easily!
Replace your background every specified time you set
Advanced Stopper
Make use of your computer as a stopper!
Advanced Word Replacer
Replace a word in multiple text files (or other type of text files)
Average Calculator
Calculate the average score of anything you like
Timer Remainder Pro
Reminds you about things you need to do everyday (personal notifier)
Personal Diary Editor
Manage your personal diary using this application
Replace a word in a document with unfilled regions
Just In Time
Manage multiple tasks to be scheduled, such as a notify, open a file, shutdown computer, etc...
Word Replacer
Allows you to replace a word in text
Crusper 0.99Beta
Make use of your screen corners to open applications, files, etc...
Virtual Ruler
Allows you to draw straight lines with your mouse or draw straight shapes (can be used while playing Crayon Physics)
Mouse Recorder Pro 1.3
Make repetitive tasks faster and easier by recording your mouse movements and keyboard strokes
Mouse Recorder Pro 2
Free macro recorder that records your computer moves and perform them faster and scheduled