Tamtamtam! I finally finished Advanced TicTacToe with online support! You are now able to download it from our software section! I worked on this addon (the multiplayer option) for a few days (I think something like 4 days?) I had to learn how Tcp works and how that data is being transfered so I took my time and finaly fixed all bugs and here it is Advanced TicTacToe with online support (or just use lan!):

Now you have a few more options like: changing the number of grids (in a row) required to win the game! and a new imporved UI with some new buttons, and a chat system!
And to finish the post here is game with me and my friend testing the new version on 31x31 grids! I think you can see the smiley he made (and the nose I added) in the upper left of the image! and the programming can also be seen behind the "glass" effect! Click to see the image!

Have a wonderful week!
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