Sorry for not updating for while I have been on a school trip, it was really nice. I still haven't realized that it's my last school trip... (last year to be exact). I hope that everything will be alright and I must say I'm sorry for not updating or adding any new applications thats because I'm now working on our school project and I have to finish developing our server and client applications for our Robot Battle - it's gonna be fun! woohoo! (I really mean it!)

So I took my time to develop the different classes for our project, skate, playing guitar, sleeping and doing other school works!

I know I don't have alot to say. I already have ideas for other applications but I will work on them as soon as I have more time until then you can see some VB .net programming for our school project:

Sending data to the servo!
Controling the servo remotely!

Altera PWM
Our altera data arrival, looks cool!

Until next update,
Have a wonderful weekend!
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By Kaki Face, at Dec 31, 2009
wahsaap width!?
By Kaki Face, at Dec 31, 2009
wahsaap width!?
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