I know it took me a while to update but I finally finished most of my holiday works.
I thought it would be nice to add a new article taking our most recommended applications.

So here it is!

Mouse Recorder Pro 2

Mouse Recorder Pro 2... well, I'm sure most of you know what is Mouse Recorder Pro,
this application allows you to record your keyboard and mouse input, why you need that?
well if you want to repeat a really annoying task, like pressing the same button again and
again, or pressing that annoying dialog that just keeps poping up!
Or maybe you have some task that needed to be done at a certain time? well Mouse Recorder Pro
allows you to do all of these things!

Virtual Ruler

This application allows you to draw straight lines with your mouse,
or draw circles with just a few clicks, but why would you need this?
Well if you play Crayon Physics you probably know what I mean!
it would be nice to draw a nice car with some good looking wheels to drive it's self down the hill?
isn't it?

And here is a little video to see what Virtual Ruler is:

File Manager

This application can be really useful if you need to manage
multiple file names. Want to make your files to start with the same name?
for example: you have some files with this name: "FileX.exe", and you
want to add "Banana" to each file name start ("BananaFileX.exe"), File Manager allows you to do that!
Or maybe you want to index that files? so each file name will be a number for example "File.exe" will be changed to "1.exe".

Mouse Shaker

Tierd of using your keyboard? want to make your mouse feel a bit more... happy?
Mouse Shaker allows you to draw a symbol with your mouse and will automaticly
detect that symbol and do a certain task you want!
If your using Windows XP or Vista and want Aero Snap feature Mouse Shaker also
simulates this feature!

And here is a video demonstrating Mouse Shaker:

Advanced TicTacToe

Well this is not really an application, it's actually a game!
Play the known TicTacToe game with any number of grids you like!
you can play it against a friend online, change each grid skin and
even create your own skin!
Advanced TicTacToe supports Windows Vista/7 glass effect!


This application works only for the Symbian platforms and was only
tested on the Nokia N95.
ShakeCube allows you to shake your phone and generate a random number,
Instead of using your old dice, use your phone!
your phone will make a sound each time you shake it and change the dice image on
your screen!

If there is any application you like in our software database you can comment and tell me
what you liked!

Enjoy your weekend!

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By Shynet, at Jan 13, 2010
What do you mean download all my programs? you can download each application in the software section by pressing the "Download" button.
By GreekAmericanGuy, at Jan 10, 2010
Hi im GreekAmericanGuy how can i download all your programs?
By Shynet, at Jan 5, 2010
Thanks, you are maybe right but for now, I don't think this feature is needed.
By NGBigField, at Dec 31, 2009
File Manager is a really great software, except for one lack. You can index your files from 0 to above, but you can't index them from 1 to above. It will be nice if you add that option. (=
By Shynet Lover, at Dec 23, 2009
I love you, Shynet!
By Shynet Lover, at Dec 23, 2009
I love you, Shynet!
By Shynet, at Dec 23, 2009
lol, thanks? (-:
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