Started developing for Windows since the age of 10 I decided to start focusing on new platforms targeted for mobile devices. I have always been curious and overwhelmed by Windows and it will always be the most loved platform for me.

When iOS got released I have been thrilled by the magic it had. The way applications interact and work smoothly on the iPhone. Then I had decided I want to move to something new and different - mobile development. Since the last couple of months you have probably seen my new application releases like nJoy, Push2Score and SMS From PC. These 3 applications were developed for Android and were my start to this new track of "Mobile development".

Nemex will start focusing on apps for mobile devices (and for the current time, Android platform). It doesn't mean that Windows applications will not be released anymore - it means that more applications for mobile devices will be released then before.

Although application updates are not often made - I'm doing my best to release them according to your feedback. Your feedback is important and help me collect enough bugs, issues and future addons to be fixed or added for the next version of Nemex applications.

I have received some of your bug issues and feature requests with nJoy, Mouse Recorder Pro and SMS From PC and fixed most of them. If you are using any of my Android applications and it crashes don't forget to use the "Send Report" button to help me maintain the application and address those issues.

Thank you all for your support!
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