After the release of IE9, I have noticed that MRPGadget and TakeABreak Gadget transperent background turned to be white. After receiving this feedback from another user at the TakeABreak Gadget opinion section. I decided to update and fix this issue.

So here it is:

- TakeABreak Gadget download page
- MRPGadget download page

To those of you who never seen these two gadgets, here is some information:

TakeABreak Gadget

This gadget is based on the TakeABreak application.

This gadget has been designed to help you manage your computer hours and breaks
to protect your eyes.

It features a small eye that blinks letting you know you should blink.
By default this gadget uses the 20 20 20 rule, for every 20 minutes you should
take a break of 20 seconds and look at an object 20 feet away (6 meters).
When break time arrives a sound is being played and the eye shuts.


The MRPGadget is a small gadget used with Windows Sidebar (for Windows Vista\7).
This gadget allows you to use Mouse Recorder Pro 2 common functions (recording, playing) without the
need of directly interacting with Mouse Recorder Pro.

The gadget also includes a small LCD screen that allows you
to put any message you want on it or just use it as clock.

- Small sized.
- Small glassed device looking interface.
- Short installation process.
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