New gaming mousepad, new features, application optimizations and bug fixes! The new improved nJoy for Android application has been released!

nJoy 1.2 includes major updates, this new version can be downloaded at the Android Marketplace. The nJoy server also requires an update. This version joystick layout has been improved and now supports more devices. Vibration feedback is now supported and can be disabled at the settings menu.

Important Note: nJoy server has been updated to version which includes an updated package detection algorithm. This important update fixes random crashes, disconnection and other issues. If you already downloaded nJoy server, please re-download the newer version.

Some screenshots of the new version:

nJoy Gaming Mousepad  nJoy Gaming Joystick

Read the full change-log:

nJoy APK V1.2 Changes:
- Added the "Auto Connect" feature! now you don't need to
type an IP address - nJoy will automatically connect to remote
hosts! (WIFI is required)

- Added the option to use a gaming mousepad joystick! you can now play shooter
games or any other game that requires mouse! (In game mode > Menu > Mousepad).

- Increased Mouse Sensitivity maximum value! (Default value has been changed
to 29%, this is the same as 85% in the previous version).

- Added the "Use Feedback" feature. Now your phone will vibrate when
you click on a button in System or game mode. You can turn this feature off
at the settings activity.

- Added the option to search Google by pressing on the "Search" button! (only supported
on devices that has this button).

- Added the "Utilities" in the Windows Commands list. Now you can open handy utilties
like Calculator, notepad and more!

- Added the option to disableenable accelerometer. Now you can disable the accelerometer
at any time when using the gaming joystick! (Menu > EnableDisable Accelerometer).

- Sliders state on system mode orientation change is now saved.

- Joystick is now being initialized faster and does not show a load dialog.

- Joystick layout has been modified - joystick is now aligned to the center
and been modified to fit the screen - fixes issues with screens where the
joystick layout could not fit well.

- Joystick data is now being sent via UDP instead of TCP, this optimizes
the send delay and allows for faster responses.

- Fixed game mode crash on certain occasions.

- Minor bug fixes and future addons preperations.

nJoy Server V1.0.2.0 Changes:
- Added the discovery feature (discovery messages
are being sent out for clients to auto connect).

- Prepared for optional featured GH buttons.

- Added version tag label on the bottom right of the device wait connection window.

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