Recently my friend taught me the 20-20-20 method from an article he read at,
you can read the article (in russian) at this address:

I don't speak Russian so I just used Google Translate to read it. My friend encouraged me to develop an application
that allows you to use this method, So I decided to develop the TakeABreak application - an application that was designed to
help you manage your computer time and breaks to help you protect your eyes and take some rest.

My friend suggested me to send this app to, so I sent it and got an answer from Slava Baranskyi
that my application will get published in the next week - and it did! , thank you so much
for posting this application at your site, I greatly appreciate it!

It allowed me to help more people and spread this technique and application!

To read the post at click on this link
To read a translated version of the post click on this link

Thank you Slava Baranskyi and thanks for posting it!
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By Slava, at Feb 12, 2013
You're welcome :)
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