Nemex site hasn't got updated for a while for many different reasons. The main reason is that I can't find a lot of time to be at my PC because I spend most of my time at my military base and I only come back for the weekend. This means that Nemex software releases and updates are slown down.

To be honest I'm now working on multiple projects, some projects are currently in freeze-mode, some were canceled and some are currently under development.

I wanted to thank all of you guys who leave your comments and make me really proud of developing these applications. Thank you!

What kind of applications you want me to develop? gadgets? desktop applications? iPhone applications? I would love to hear you opinions and suggestions, at the comment section below!

I will not keep this for my self, but today I celebrated my 19th birthday with my 2 friends, they bought me an external HDD just like I wanted! now I can safely backup all of my programming!

Enjoy your week!

The nBot one of the most enjoyable projects I have ever worked on
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