Mouse Recorder Pro has been released! This new version includes a significant update: User plugins.
User plugins allows you the user to manipulate your script recordingplaying in the way you want.

A tutorial on how to create your own plugins using C# or Visual Basic .Net will be coming out soon!

Using the plugins manager (Tools > Manage Plugins) you can EnableDisable plugins or edit their settings (if any exists).

By default MRP2.0.7.3 comes with 3 plugins:

- PickyRecorder - allows you to select which type of events you wish to be filtered out of your script and to be played or recorded.
- UltraScript - allows you to play your script on any screen resolution by simply typing the original script recorded resolution!
- VariableKeyboard - allows you to change your script "Type Keyboard" or "Start Process" event inputvalue on-the-fly! replace it with other strings or use an increasingdecreasing integer! (Can help if you wish to load different files with increasing file name number).

The plugins manager window looks like the following:

An example of the PickyRecorder plugin settings:

An example of the VariableKeyboard plugins settings:

Mouse Recorder Pro Changelog:

- Plugins can now be used with Mouse Recorder Pro 2! build your own plugins and
take control over your scripts with the code your write!

- Fixed MRP2 not closing correctly issue. Now hooks are being uninstalled
when appplicatin closes.

- New "Type Keyboard" event! now you can simulate keyboard string writing
using this event. No key downup combintation is required!
Use MRPEditor "Add Event" (Edit > Events > Add or Alt + A) feature to add this event or
MRP2 Edit > Add "Type Keyboard" Event.

- Advanced "Slower - Faster" script speed indicator algorithm improved!

- "Merge with a script" feature got fixed - events are now being added at the bottom of other
events as decribed!

- Mouse Recorder Pro 2 now comes with 3 different plugins:

1. PickyRecorder - Filters out events you not wish to be recordedplayed.
2. UltraScript - Makes your script work on any screen resolution!
3. VariableKeyboard - Allows you to make a dynamic script playing. "Type Keyboard" events
can be replaced with any other strings using this plugin.
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By Dirk, at May 17, 2019
Vorschlag, Scripte mit gleicher Uhrzeit und Datum im Task Calendar sollten farblich markiert sein
By Knolle, at Sep 4, 2013
I'm now using MRP for more than 2 years and love this program. It's really helpful and got a little suggestion. Maybe you can add "window overlay while another window is focused"? Great job dude. Don't stop coding useful programs. :)
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