Hello everyone! I have been working on a new improved version of MRP2 called MRP2,
or in other words, Mouse Recorder Pro In this version there will be some minor bug fixes and a more reliable, advanced and accurate recording system then older versions, so what will be fixed/changed?

-Added the option to play a task every couple of hours in MRP Calendar.
-Fixed a wrong key mapping "\" (Bug reported).
-Fixed mouse recording accuracy, Mouse Recorder Pro is now much more accurate
then ever!
-Fixed a mouse tracing bug with gaming mouses (like the Logitech G5) where
MRP couldn't record well mouse movements (Bug reported).
-Now MRP won't pop up after a recording/playing (won't bug the user).
-In Progress: working on fixing a bug where arrow keys doesn't work while Num lock is on (Bug reported).
-This version is more "CPU" friendly.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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