Hello everyone! Mouse Recorder Pro has been submitted to Softpedia,
here is the final changelog included in the Changelog.txt file:

-Added a new feature in MRPEditor which allows you to reduce or increase a script
speed by a certain percentage.
-A new icon for Mouse Recorder Pro 2!
-Added the option to play a task every couple of hours in MRP Calendar.
-Fixed a wrong key mapping "\" (Bug reported).
-Fixed mouse recording accuracy, Mouse Recorder Pro is now much more accurate
then ever!
-Fixed a mouse tracing bug with gaming mouses (like the Logitech G5) where
MRP couldn't record well mouse movements (Bug reported).
-Added a feature that tells MRP no to pop up after a recording/playing (can be found in the Settings window).
-This version is more "CPU" friendly.

There are some important notes that you should read in the file (which I haven't included in this post).

When MRP2.0.2.0 will be released I will update this post.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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By Alex, at Jul 31, 2020
Mouse Recorder Pro ta fechando sozinho
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