Mouse Recorder Pro has been released! features DirectX games support, bug fixes and additional features. Mouse Recorder Pro is a macro application which records your computer mouse and keyboard input - this allows you to repeat a certain task you had without the need of doing it yourself, MRP will do it for you even faster.

Thank you Softpedia for uploading the new MRP!

Mouse Recorder Pro includes bugs fixes and many new features to use, here is a list of the changes:
-Fixed the hidden toolbar showing up on unnecessary events (mouse moved away from the toolbar region before the show up delay).
-Added the option to use shortcut keys for recording and playing without the need of holding a modifier key (alt, ctrl, shift, win),
you can start\stop a recording\playing by only pressing one key after setting "None" instead of alt\ctrl\shift\win in the settings window (Edit > Settings)
look for the "Interaction Keys" region under the General tab.
-Added an option to show a save as dialog instead of saving the script right away to the scripts directory on new scripts after pressing the save button,
this option can be turned on by going to Edit > Settings > More and checking the "Show a save dialog on new scripts instead of saving to the scripts directory".
-Added an option to show an overwrite dialog on exiting scripts instead of saving right away.
this option can be turned on by going to Edit > Settings > More and checking the "Show an overwrite dialog if script already exists".
-Fixed the "Pop up MRP right after a recording/playing" feature, now MRP will pop to the top windows
z-order instead of being behind other windows.
-Mouse Recorder Pro 2 now supports DirectX games (Now you can play a script in a DirectX game and it will be played correctly).
-Improved the "Script Playing Speed" feature at the Advanced menu, now it's alot more easier to increase or reduce the script playing
speed instead of editing the script...! (This menu can be found at the main MRP window by pressing the "Advanced" button).
-Fixed the script not being repeated bug occuring when user doesn't use the shortcut keys to stop a recording.
-Added a delay of 1 second after each script playing, this fixes the bug that occures when the script playing calls MRP to record.
-Added an option in Mouse Recorder Pro Editor to drag any set of selected script items and move it to another location in the script using Drag & Drop!
-Fixed MRP editor Ctrl + T shortcut issue - multiple function used the same shortcut instead of one.
-Added a new button for MRP editor - this button replaces words/sentences the user recorded (working only on words once, with no corrections).
-Added a new feature in the add "Start Process" event dialog that allows the user to decide the window style to open the process with.
-Added shortcut keys text to MRP Editor buttons tooltips.
-Fixed the limit of the custom every 100 Minutes/Hours/Etc...  in the MRP Calendar event adding.
-MRP Calendar uses a new method to compare times - this method is more reliable and fixes the script not playing bug when time arrives.
-A new welcome screen now appears instead of the old welcome screen design.
-Added a small hidden easter egg.

A few new settings were added to the settings window, here are some:

As you can see, you can now set MRP to ask you everytime you hit the save button, without the need of using the "Save as" menu strip. You can also show an overwrite dialog if you don't want to overwrite the current script you have.

In the start process event I have added a new feature that allows you to set the startup window style of the process you are opening (if it has any window):

The welcome screen has been redesigned:

I have added a new small easter egg to Mouse Recorder Pro - lets see if you will find it...!

Enjoy the new version of Mouse Recorder Pro!

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By carlo, at Nov 27, 2010
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