Mouse Recorder Pro Version version will be released later on the next couple of weeks.

As I have declared on earlier posts Mouse Recorder Pro will include DirectX games support, new features and bug fixes.
Including a new feature allowing you to drag and drop any items on a script to any place on the current script.
Mouse Recorder Pro script speed system has been improved and allows an easier and more effective script speed control system without even using the editor to change the script speed...!

Read the changelog below to find more about the new features and bug fixes.
Mouse Recorder Pro Changelog updated for 13/06/2010
-Fixed the hidden toolbar showing up on unnecessary events (mouse moved away from the toolbar region before the show up delay).
-Added the option to use shortcut keys for recording and playing without the need of holding a modifier key (alt, ctrl, shift, win),
you can start\stop a recording\playing by only pressing one key after setting "None" instead of alt\ctrl\shift\win in the settings window (Edit > Settings)
look for the "Interaction Keys" region under the General tab.
-Added an option to show a save as dialog instead of saving the script right away to the scripts directory on new scripts after pressing the save button,
this option can be turned on by going to Edit > Settings > More and checking the "Show a save dialog on new scripts instead of saving to the scripts directory".
-Added an option to show an overwrite dialog on exiting scripts instead of saving right away.
this option can be turned on by going to Edit > Settings > More and checking the "Show an overwrite dialog if script already exists".
-Fixed the "Pop up MRP right after a recording/playing" feature, now MRP will pop to the top windows
z-order instead of being behind other windows.
-Mouse Recorder Pro 2 now supports DirectX games (Now you can play a script in a DirectX game and it will be played correctly).
-Improved the "Script Playing Speed" feature at the Advanced menu, now it's alot more easier to increase or reduce the script playing
speed instead of editing the script...! (This menu can be found at the main MRP window by pressing the "Advanced" button).
-Fixed the script not being repeated bug occuring when user doesn't use the shortcut keys to stop a recording.
-Added an option in Mouse Recorder Pro Editor to drag any set of selected script items and move it to another location in the script using Drag & Drop!

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By TastyTeo, at Jul 14, 2010
By Shynet, at Jun 19, 2010
You should try to connect the printer port to your feet and then record the printer port movements, it should work! (-:
By dushbag, at Jun 15, 2010
i cant get mrp to massage my feet. When exactly are you planing to adress this issue?
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