A new version of Mouse Recorder Pro 2 is on it's way! This new version will include some small but important fixes and updates.

Mouse Recorder Pro will use an updated "InputManager" library which means it will include some keyboard simulating bug fixes like wrong key mapping (PrintScreen and other keys were not pressed).

The updated MRPEditor will include a new feature that allows you to record your keyboard input straight from the application without the need of manually adding events. You can now add comments to your scripts and edit them directly from MRP and MRPEditor.

A screen shot from the updated MRPEditor where you can see comments and and new buttons

Here is the full change log for Mouse Recorder Pro for the current time:

Mouse Recorder Pro Changelog:

- Added the "Escape" key to the editor "Add Event" dialog.

- Added the option to record keyboard input right from the editor!

- Added the option to attached comments to events. You can use Alt + C (or View > Show Comments) to view comments
on the script and use Ctrl + C (Edit > Set Event Comment) to set the comment attached to the event on MRP2.

- Fixed some key press bugs, these keys were not pressed although they were recorded: Left and right window key, Print screen, NumLock.

Found any bugs that are not listed in the changelog or have an idea for a new feature? leave your comment below!
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By Shynet, at Jun 12, 2011
Hello? (-:
By facundo, at May 19, 2011
By facundo, at May 19, 2011
By Shynet, at Mar 8, 2011
Thank you my good friend! (-: long time no see!!!
By NGBigField, at Mar 4, 2011
The new MRPEditor must be great! I have to try it!
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