Mouse Recorder Pro will get updated to version and will be added support to DirectX games. This support will allow the user to record his script while playing a DirectX game and play it. Keystrokes will finally be registered compared to the previous versions of Mouse Recorder Pro. Release date is still unknown.

To those of you that don't know what Mouse Recorder Pro is:
Mouse Recorder Pro is an input recording application which means it records your mouse and keyboard movements\key strokes - you can use the recording in order to play it in another time/day/week/month a specified amount of times. You will also be able to record what you have been editing and make it perform faster while adding specific movements and keystrokes. To download the latest version of Mouse Recorder Pro and see more information click on me.

Here is the change-log for now (More fixes and features might be added on the actual release):

Mouse Recorder Pro

-Fixed the hidden toolbar showing up on unnecessary events (mouse moved away from the toolbar region before the show up delay).

-Added the option to use shortcut keys for recording and playing without the need of holding a modifier key (alt, ctrl, shift, win),
you can start\stop a recording\playing by only pressing one key after setting "None" instead of alt\ctrl\shift\win in the settings window (Edit > Settings)
look for the "Interaction Keys" region under the General tab.

-Added an option to show a save as dialog instead of saving the script right away to the scripts directory on new scripts after pressing the save button,
this option can be turned on by going to Edit > Settings > More and checking the "Show a save dialog on new scripts instead of saving to the scripts directory".

-Fixed the "Pop up MRP right after a recording/playing" feature, now MRP will pop to the top windows
z-order instead of being behind other windows.

-Mouse Recorder Pro 2 now supports DirectX games (Now you can play a script in a DirectX game and it will be played correctly).

Enjoy using Mouse Recorder Pro!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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