Since Windows 7 came out I took my attention to the improved UAC, after understanding a bit how UAC works and the importance of UAC I had finally decided to fix Mouse Shaker and Mouse Recorder Pro 2 compatibility issues. The new versions of these 2 applications will include changes like the location of the settings are being saved on and some permission fixes. NOT only improving compatibility issues Mouse Recorder Pro 2 will include some new features not only to the main application but to MRP Calendar too. Mouse Recorder Pro 2 might support Windows 7 improved taskbar features.

So, it's for me to go!
(-: a new version of Advanced TicTacToe is coming too:

Have a wonderful week everyone!
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By Beeloved_Est, at Jul 5, 2011
Hi Shay..please can u reply my email. very important.
By Shynet, at Jun 10, 2010
Please download and install Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.
By ngu, at May 16, 2010
this mouse shaker failed on XP SP 2 after installation and when run the apps it shows the same errors.
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