Wow, this was a long wonderful week.

About 2 weeks ago I met the most beautiful, fascinating thing I have ever
seen. No, it's not a skateboard, not a guitar, not a laptop - it was Microsoft WPF!

Microsoft WPF stands for Windows Presentation Foundation, or in other words, it allows me to
code and design the most beautiful interface I could without even using photoshop (!), easily taking the advantage
of the GPU.

I built a whole interactive interface only with XAML and some good old C# programming, it was amazing.

I had a dream, to create a 3D space that allows you to load your images into.
In that 3D space you can find, view, and preview you images.

I'm sure all of you had the same issue I had: looking for a certain picture for hours - with my vision
of image exploring I wanted the user to find that one image easily. How I accomplished that?

I created the 3D Picture Viewer, developing it for days while learning WPF in the process.
This allowed me to share my vision with others and make it come true.

I wanted the interface to look glossy, simple, animated and interactive. I wanted it to use accelerated scrolling,
which means the user just need to "swipe" his mouse over an empty space, giving the camera a starting velocity
which from then it continues the scroll sequence without user interfere .

So, what is 3D Picture Viewer?
Looking for a certain picture in a folder with lots them?
3D Picture Viewer allows you to view you pictures in 3D space,
you can scroll through a group of pictures and find
the one you want faster then ever.

Simple, glossy, interactive interface

3D Picture Viewer arranges your pictures in a "domino" style,
it supports accelerated scrolling, which means you can just swipe
them with your mouse and they will "slide" before you.

Just left click on your mouse and drag the images back and fourth - the camera
will slide to the direction you want, when you found the one (that certain picture)
just click on it.

3D Picture Viewer makes you picture exploring experience a lot more fun and interactive.

Click to visit 3D Picture Viewer download page.

I will be happy to hear your feedbacks!
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