The PortX360 makes any of your PC games work with multiple Xbox 360 controllers. Which means you can take any unsupported PC game and play it with your 360 controller. Keyboard-Free games...!

For instance: You can play the oldie Mortal Kombat with 2 Xbox 360 controllers, allowing you and your friend enjoy a more comfortable and gaming dedicated controller. Use your wireless controller and you can sit anywhere you want without sharing your keyboard.

How to use the PortX360?
In order to play any of your PC games using the PortX360 you will have to have the following:
- Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 -

- Microsoft XNA Framework -

Before I explain how to use the PortX360 take a look at the PortX360 screenshot:

The PortX360 works in this way: any visible button on the 360 controller image is key assignable. Which means you can assign any keyboard or mouse key to almost any of the controller keys.
You can even assign keys to the left thumb stick tilt directions (up,down,left,right).

Any button the user will assign will be saved to the selected game profile currently selected at the Game Profile comb box (I will tell you more about Game Profiles later on).

To connect your controller to the PortX360 (and start using it with your  games) you should first press on the Xbox 360 logo (the top middle button):

This will connect your controller to the PortX360 application and will turn green when it has been connected successfully.

At the bottom you can see the "Game Profile" combo box:

A game profile is just a combination of keyboard and mouse keys assigned to any of the controller buttons. The PortX360 comes with some predefined buttons, but you can create a profile for each of your game individually.

As you can see above, if the game you want to play supports 2 players, you should create a profile for each player.

At the bottom left of the controller image you can see the "Controller" combo box:

The controller comb box allows you to pick up to any of the 4 controllers you have (if you have 4), by picking up controller 2, you will be able to choose a specific game profile for that controller - after choosing a specific game profile the PortX360 will use that game profile for the selected controller.

This is where 2 player games comes in - In order to play Mortal Kombat you have to create 2 game profiles for each controller. After creating the 2 game profiles, you should select "One" from the controller combo box and set the appropriate game profile for that player controls ("Mortal Kombat Player 1"). Then go to "Two" at the controller combo box and select the appropriate game profile for that player controller ("Mortal Kombat Player 2").

Don't forget to press on the Xbox 360 Logo button in order to connect each of the controllers, to connect them all at once press on the "Connect All" button - After your controllers has been connected successfully you will be able to control your games with the 360 Controller!

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By chris, at Jul 9, 2013
how do i use a mouse wheel in portx360? it´ll always "see" nothing or the middle mouse-klick, when i click it
By Shynet, at Jun 21, 2012
Is your joystick is up and running and connected to your computer?
By Andy, at May 2, 2012
i have a problem to connect the controler i press on the xbox logo and it does not turn green please help me!
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