The PortX360 has been tested and found to be working perfectly with games like: Mortal Kombat, Chicken Invaders 2, Tony Hawk American Wasteland and Counter Strike Source.

The PortX360 is now available for download...! Thank you Softpedia!
For a download link click on the link below:

Enjoy using the PortX360...!

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By kareem, at Jul 3, 2010
By Shynet, at Jul 3, 2010
Thank you (-:!
By yash nomish, at Jun 20, 2010
Hey, thnx man! I don't have an hair dryer, but I'll try drying the controller in the oven. I think about 200c should dry really well. Thnx Nemex! Finally I'll be able to play xbox again! By the way, try saying my name backwards. It's really cool!
By Shynet, at Jun 19, 2010
Try to use a hair dryer to dry it out - If it's still not working well open it up and dry it again (Try not to mess out the circuit, and be careful it could damage the controller). Good luck.
By yash nomish, at Jun 17, 2010
since i've droped my xbox controller into the toilet it's been working somewhat wierd. Do you know how can i fix it? Thnx nemex!
By NGBigField, at May 19, 2010
I was one of the testers! ^^ Yes.... Yes... It works... Believe me... ^^
By NGBigField, at May 17, 2010
I played with this, and it was great!
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