I released a new app called "SMS From PC" which allows you to manage your SMS messages directly from your computer. This app was developed for Android and targeted for devices running Android 2.1 and above.

There are some issues with certain devices that cause this application to crash. I will be working on a solution and will post an update when it will be resolved.

So what does SMS From PC features?
- Send and receive SMS messages on your computer. Use your computer keyboard
for comfort instead of your phone virtual keys.
- Find contacts easily and call them.
- Ring! allows you to make your phone ring even when volume is down. Easily
find your phone within your house.
- Easy setup. Your phone will automaticlly connect to your computer when
Wifi is on.

what is SMS From PC requirements?
- Windows XPVista7.
- A phone with Wifi connection.
- SMSFromPC server. Download from
.- Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 (Comes with Windows 7 and most updated windows).

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By Mohamed Mosta, at Mar 10, 2013
THanks very much
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