I'm now working on a new improved Schedule Shutdown application which will be called Schedule Shutdown 2.
Schedule Shutdown is an application that shutdown\restart\logout your computer in a specific date or on a certain time cycle (every number of days/weeks/months etc). It Features a small calendar that your can view and edit your tasks for you computer to perform any of the operations you specify.

Schedule Shutdown 2 will be using a more reliable way of shutting down, restarting and logging out which didn't worked so well in the previous versions. It will also use a new algorithm to compare the date & time which I used in the new version of Mouse Recorder Pro Calendar.

It also features a new simple glossy design. It now finally works well with Vista and 7 with UAC (User Account Control) on.
Schedule Shutdown 2 is user friendly and every control the user hovers with the mouse has a description.

Schedule Shutdown 2 is still under development and will be released when finished.

Schedule Shutdown 2 has been released.
Click on this link to download it!

For The Developers
Schedule Shutdown 2 is developed under C# (I'm usually developing with VB .net, but this project is my first full C# project).
I might release the full project source code and files for those who are interested. I'm still not sure about it, but maybe I will.

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