Schedule Shutdown 2 is an automatic shutdown\restart\logout manager.
It allows you to schedule a shutdown\restart\logout operations for a specific
date and time. It also includes a feature of performing the same operation in
a specific cycle (every couple of minutes, days, weeks, months, years).

Before any of any operation being performed Schedule Shutdown 2 will notify the user 30 seconds
before the event by playing a sound and showing a message (this can be changed in the settings menu).
It features a simple to use interface with a simple glossy design.

Schedule Shutdown 2 has been designed to work with Windows XP\Vista\7.

Schedule Shutdown 2 uses the ExitWindowsEX API Function to perform these operations, which is more reliable then the old
method Schedule Shutdown 1 used! this should fix certain problems happened to users with windows Vista/7 with UAC on and work much better.

Installation & HowTo
1. Download Schedule Shutdown 2 (Not yet released).

2. Open the zip file and start the installation by clicking on ScheduleShutdown2Setup.exe.

3. Follow the installation instructions and finish the installation.

4. Double click on the "Schedule Shutdown 2" shortcut:

5. A dialog box would appear click Yes for Schedule Shutdown 2 to work

Clicking Yes load Schedule Shutdown 2 with Windows, this allows
Schedule Shutdown 2 perform all of the operations on different dates.

5. Schedule Shutdown 2 should now load up and you will get to this screen:

This is where you can manage your operations, add new ones, remove existing and edit the application
settings for your personal use.

6. Click on "New Task" to start creating new events, a dialog should slide out:

Operation - the type of event you wish to perform (shutdown/restart/logout).

Every - the time cycle to perform the operation (every number of days, weeks). Set 0 if you want the event
to be performed only once!

Date & Time - Set the time (hours and minutes), and date you wish the event to be performed.

When you finish click on the "Ok" button to add the new task!

6. Click on the minimize button, it will minimize Schedule Shutdown 2 to the tray. It will perform the operations when the time

By Default Schedule Shutdown 2 will notify 30 seconds before any operation by showing a message and playing a sound. By clicking on the message (a pop up ballon) you will disable the operation.

To change this, click on the settings windows.

To download Schedule Shutdown 2 click on this link

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By mm, at Jul 6, 2011
i want to uninstall this but couldn't plz help
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