The TakeABreak application is designed to help users manage their computer working hours and breaks.

This application simply pops up a message after a specific amount of minutes passed (by default 20 minutes),
the message tells the user to "Take a break" - this message continues to appear until the break time ends.
When the break time ends, the computer will play a sound and turn the screen back on to let the user know the break time
is over and he can now use his computer again, until the next break.

The purpose of this application is to allow you to take breaks, let your eyes rest, and go back on to your computer.
This application includes the "Nudge me if I continue working" feature - If the user will continue using his computer even on the break time, the computer will shut his screen after every 10 seconds, until the user will stop using the computer or the break time will be over.

TakeABreak application screenshot

The "TakeABreak" application is still under development and will be released as soon as it will be finished.

The TakeABreak application has been released click on the link to go to the download page.

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