I have released a new video demonstrating the TakeABreak gadget and it's use.
You can use this gadget with Windows Vista/7 sidebar, it's alot smaller then the original
TakeABreak application and in my opinion is preferred in terms of comfort and system resources.

TakeABreak gadget video:

If you can't view this video, click on this link
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By Shynet, at Oct 10, 2010
Thank you so much! (-: I'm glad it helps you!
By Abdul, at Oct 8, 2010
Nice gadget! Thanks I have found this great gadget for my dry eyes problem. My eyes is condition is now improving with continous eye blinking Once again Thanks!
By NGBigField, at Sep 21, 2010
Nice gadget! It blinks !!!! ^^
By Shynet, at Sep 21, 2010
You are back! wooho! Shnitzels for the win! Thanks! (-:
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