So what do we have on our top 10 list? Nemex has a lot of videos
most of them demonstrating applications or any other type of things

So here are the top Nemex videos I think are the best on our YouTube channel:

Demonstrating the nJoy application that let you control your system, music and games with your mobile phone.

The nBot being motion controlled with the Nokia N95 accelerometer

Mouse Shaker application howto and getting to know Mouse Shaker (download it at our software section)

Another video about the Mouse Shaker application, showing some features included

The PortX360 application demonstration video - play any game with your Xbox 360 controllers!

Mouse Recorder Pro application howto

Skate 3 Realistic Solo Montage - not really an app, just my gameplay!

Virtual Ruler application demonstration with Crayon Physics

The new TakeABreak gadget demonstration video

Advanced TicTacToe - play TicTacToe against a friend on your computer\online or against a computer bot

So? what do you think is the best video, and why? leave your comment below!
Check out our YouTube channel.
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