Hello everyone! I will be teaching you today how to use MRPlay (Mouse Recorder Pro Play) tool included with Mouse Recorder Pro. This tool allows you to run MRP scripts using keyboard shortcuts. If you want to perform a task easly simply press on the set of keys you set and your script will be executed!

First make sure before you start this turtorial that you open up all of the pictures that are in the list at the end of this tutorial. So lets start! after installing Mouse Recorder Pro you should get the icon shown in image A on your desktop (or start menu). After getting into MRPlay (if you are not able to find the shortcut, just go to your MRP folder and press on the MRPlay exectuble) press on the Add button
as seen in image B.

Now, you are be able to get a window which looks like image C. Looking at image C you will be able to see some numbers, each number is a step you should be follow according to this steps:

1- By pressing the browse button, a browse file dialog will pop up, select
your MRP script.

2- By checking the autorun box, after pressing the keyboard combination you set to open the script you will be able to run the script and execute it immediatly, you probably saying your self what will happen if you won't check this box? well MRP will just open up the script without running it!

3- By checking the close box, after the script has been executed, Mouse Recorder Pro will shut him self off right away.

4- This is the important part, this is where our key combination is set, you should check any shortcut key checkbox, for example if you want to run the script using Shift + Alt + Z you will be checking the Shift and the Alt checkboxes, and at last you will press on the button you wish to complete the shortcut key (in this example, the Z key).

and thats it! just press the Ok button and minimize MRPlay (pay attention, MRPlay should be opened in order for the shortcut keys to work! if you want that the shortcut keys will always work simply go to MRPlay settings and check the "Load with windows" checkbox.
Here are the images:
Image A
Image B
Image C

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