The new project will be using the Nokia N95 accelerometer and bluetooth with a PC. This combination will create the new project I'm currently working on called "nJoy" - there will be more information as soon as the project will be finished.

A day ago I had a birthday and now I'm 18, I can now watch horror game trailers! yay! just kidding...!
I wanted to say thanks
for my friends who remembered my birthday THANK YOU! I Really appreciate it!
I want to thank my parents for everything! I want to thank all of my friends - I don't think I could have met any other people like you - and I don't think I would have turned to be what I'm today without you...! I want to thank Microsoft for their awesome development tools!

Sponge bob birthday ballon! best day ever!
This is the ballon my friend gave me (flying around my door entrance)!
Until next update,
Have a wonderful week!

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