nJoy allows you to play any PC game with your mobile and use it as a joystick. You can control your game character with your mobile and connect multiple phones, playing multiplayer games with your friends without even using the keyboard.

nJoy also allows you to control your computer music by shaking your mobile in different directions.
It allows you to take over your comptuer with your mobile by sending keyboard and mouse key strokes, you can control the whole desktop with your mobile phone menus.

The nJoy works with a bluetooth connection, so you will need a bluetooth adapter hooked up to your PC. For now, the nJoy only works with the Nokia N95 and release date is not known yet.

nJoy Demonstration Video

App Shots:

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By Cesar, at Dec 1, 2020
Can we use an android phone as the joystick and a Chromebook as the receiver ?
By sagar, at Jul 6, 2014
was this soft release...????
By kjdrzqmr, at Mar 14, 2013
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By Beeloved_Est, at Jul 5, 2011
This is what am after for...i need this for my project. Reply me please sweetheart.
By un, at Aug 1, 2010
from where i can download this soft?
By Shynet, at Aug 1, 2010
I'm sorry, but this application is not yet released. It's still being under development.
By thekrim, at Jul 29, 2010
good job
By Shynet, at Jul 29, 2010
Thank you (-:
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