Yes, you heard it right - nJoy is making it's way for android!

nJoy is a project I worked on for the Nokia N95, which wasn't released due to some phone compatibility issues. But now it's making it's way out to your android device!

Getting my first Android device, the HTC Legend - I'm now working on a new version for nJoy.

What is nJoy?
nJoy is an application that allows you to take full control of your computer, with your mobile device. No it's not another remote desktop control application or just a mouse and keyboard replacement - it's more then that.

nJoy features 3 modes (for the current time):
System, Game, Music.

What is Game mode?
nJoy allows you and your friends to turn your android device into a gaming joystick - take control of your favorite game away for your computer screen, in other words, you can sit at your couch, lay in your bed and take control over your game from anywhere!

It supports multi-player games, nJoy allows you and your friends to connect multiple android devices to the same computer, each device takes control over his character in multiplayer games - just like your connect multiple Xbox controllers and play with your friends.

Use your device accelerometer and take control over your game by tilting your device to different directions and shaking it. (This feature is optional).

nJoy at development stages - Joystick for game mode

What is System mode?
nJoy allows you to take control over your Windows operation system. You can move the mouse, keyboard, surf the web, type some words, and do anything you do with your computer!

You can make use of your device multi-touch capabilities, gestures like pinch to zoom allows you to maximize or restore a window. Two finger sweep allows you to scroll windows easily!

nJoy main application activity

What is Music mode?
nJoy allows you to take control over your music remotely. Cooking something at the kitchen and want to play another song? No problem, take out your android device from your pocket, shake it and whoop! your computer immediately plays other song. You don't need to go to computer to swap songs anymore!

Computer add dialog, here you type in your computer IP address you want to use nJoy with.

And finally, here is the nJoy application for the Nokia N95. This version of nJoy works on Symbian, but does not support touch screen. The new nJoy version to be released supports multi-touch screens and works only on Android devices running Android 2.1 at least.

nJoy for the Nokia N95 Demonstration Video

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