nJoy got updated to version 1.1! this version includes new features and minor bug fixes.

The nJoy updated APK (the Android application) is now available at the Android Marketplace. You must update your nJoy server to, simply download it from nJoy software page.

nJoy requires port 2020 TCP and UDP to be opened on your PC in order to use it, make
sure your firewall doesn't block nJoy and you configured your router correctly.

Watch my good friend NGBigfield uses nJoy:

So? whats new in this version?

nJoy APK V1.1 Changes:
- Fixed left and right mouse buttons pressed state color change. (System mode).
- Added the option to launch games! use the "Launch Game" menu to launch
a game from your games list directly! (Game mode).
- Added the option to switch player keyboard layouts on device! Now you can switch between
player keyboard layouts using the "Select Player" menu! (Game mode).
- Added the feature "Auto Mode", your device will switch between game mode
and system mode according to your PC current mode! (SystemGame mode).
For example: if you launched Mario, your device will automatically
switch to game mode (joystick). When you quit Mario, your device
will automatically go back to System mode.
This feature can be turned off in the "Settings" tab.
- Added the option to MagnifyUnmagnify! find it at the Window Commands slider! (System mode).
- Added the option to switch between windows using the "GoTo" menu item! (System mode).

nJoy Server V1.0.1.0 Changes:
- updated the NDCProtocol according to the device NDCProtocol.
- Fixed up some wrong text.
- Fixed minor bugs and process recognizing.
- Server now sends messages to the device when needed (AutoMode, GameList, PlayerKeysList, WindowsList).
- Added link to the Marketplace to download the APK from (Appears in the Help dialog).
- User can now remove games from the game list using Right click > Remove game.
- Disabled Player selection and device selection DropDown style to be uneditable.
- Fixed "Minimize window" dekstop minimize issue.
- Added the "Settings" menu item to the tray icon menus. You can now open the
settings right from the tray icon!
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By Shynet, at Oct 3, 2014
You must select the game you want to remove.
By giorgio, at Mar 23, 2012
User can now remove games from the game list using Right click > Remove game. this comand not remove the game on the list, ma os is windows 7 64bit pleas help
By Gay Face., at Jul 28, 2011
What is up widt, Ya shynet?
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