Njoy is a new application that uses the Nokia N95 accelerometer and PC to interact with the user PC in different ways controlling various of windows functions. I will not describe it any further until it will be finished for different reasons.

I haven't updated for while and well thats mainly because I had alot of new things to play with that I got for my birthday.
First of all I have got to thank my friends for the best gifts I have ever got...! I got for my 17 birthday my first TechDecks and skatepark, I mean... it never gets old! it just awesome...! I got for this 18 birthday my Razer Moray + (headphones) - these are all the things I have ever wished for and I got them...! I really appreciate you all! I also got the Xbox 360, I mean... wow it just an amazing system, I have to thank my parents, you gave me everything (and I'm not talking about gifts!) and I have everything I want, you do your best, I appreciate what you do for me and I wish some day I will pay you back for all.

You can now find me on Xbox Live (Shynet)!

Razer Moray +
The Headphones and the Xbox controller!

Gamer Card

I only have Skate 2, Pure and Lego batman (came with the Xbox itself) but well, I'm new!

Enjoy your weekend!

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