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Mouse Recorder Pro 1.3

Mouse Recorder Pro is an input recording application (mouse & keyboard input) , with this application you can create scripts of recordings you have made ( moving your mouse, clicking on a button, pressing keys) .
ow all of these annoying repetitive tasks will be done easily!


- easy to understand interface.
- small sized.
- you can play any script how much time you want.
- set a script to be played in a specific time.
- save and load your scripts with no limits!
- edit your scripts by using the event editing system.
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By pui, at Jun 5, 2023
By otuo, at Jun 5, 2023
By ram, at Dec 13, 2022
By Runescape, at Oct 26, 2022
By all, at Jun 27, 2021
By ace, at Jun 8, 2021
ohh ok
By محمد , at Apr 20, 2021
By ahmed, at Jul 23, 2020
By JO, at Jul 7, 2020
By Henry , at May 22, 2020
By marcos, at Jan 19, 2020
is very F****
By Patrice, at Nov 23, 2018
which vasions work on window 10 because the pro 2 is not working, it will record but can't play as programmed
By Patrice, at Nov 23, 2018
Please this can't work on my window 10
By maksim, at Oct 30, 2018
By orville mcintosh, at Oct 8, 2018
where's the down load buttom
By asdf, at Nov 21, 2017
By Shynet, at Oct 3, 2014
At the top right "Download" button.
By nacho, at Sep 14, 2014
como puedo legar al enlace de descarga?
By Kel, at Aug 1, 2014
Where the heck is the download buittonm
By dar, at Apr 5, 2014
By mami, at Mar 8, 2014
thnx bro
By Samy Semo , at Mar 1, 2014
Thanks For Help Me
By batuhan, at Dec 26, 2013
iyi bir paylşım !
By jonathan , at Sep 29, 2013
que bueno ojalas sirva el programita
By Shynet, at Jul 17, 2013
Thank you so much!
By the amazing , at Jun 30, 2013
the program is amazing
By Shynet, at Apr 10, 2012
Yes it does.
By Pedro, at Apr 10, 2012
Does the program support XP system?
By Shynet, at Sep 2, 2011
I'm sorry, but it's not.
By cmccance, at Sep 2, 2011
Does this work with MAC?
By Shynet, at Aug 22, 2011
F12 should work - if not I would recommend you to try out the newer version (version
By galaxy II, at Aug 21, 2011
whats key stops it, not F12 to stop recording but the stop the program
By Shynet, at Aug 3, 2011
I checked the link, everything works fine. What problem are you facing?
By keylogger, at Jul 31, 2011
why cant i download it
By Shynet, at May 19, 2011
Hello, What is the error message? (if you have any)?
By mrp issue, at May 9, 2011
I have a windows 7 laptop and downloaded mrp 2.0 and it doesn seem to work anymore. any advice? I have already downloaded it. had it for since it came out and havent used since then so i dont know. Thanks, Two handed man
By AF, at May 2, 2011
By Shynet, at Apr 3, 2010
Hello there, it seems to be a bug in the older version on certain systems, this version is not longer supported and will not be updated (at least for the current time). I would recommend you to use MRP which can be found at this link: <a href=""></a>
By Freerk, at Apr 2, 2010
I try to play it more then 1 time.i would i can play it 10 times or more,but it doesn't at "advanced options".what i do wrong?
By Tryouter, at Mar 7, 2010
This is a fairly good recorder.
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