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Mouse Shaker

Mouse Shaker is an application which recognize mouse symbols, if a user move his mouse in a certain way which creates a symbol Mouse Shaker will respone to that symbol and perform a task the user had for that symbol.

For example, if the user creates the "W" letter with his mouse Microsoft Office Word will be opened. Also Mouse Shaker simulates Windows 7 new feature which allows the user to drag a window and move his mouse from right to left continuously (shaking the window), this will minimize all other windows except the active one.

Mouse Shaker allows the use to drag a window and move his mouse up and down continuously, making the window transparent which can be useful for comparing windows without the need of switching between them! there are many more options for the user to experience.


- Easy to use interface.
- Control you PC only by moving the mouse!
- Simulates Windows 7 new feature Aero Snap!
- Small sized.

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By abcd, at Dec 22, 2022
By M.S., at Dec 10, 2021
By ardi, at Oct 22, 2021
By ayu, at Oct 22, 2021
By qwdq, at Oct 22, 2021
By XRumerTest, at May 7, 2013
Hello. And Bye.
By jeremie, at Apr 2, 2013
that is cool.
By Shynet, at Sep 13, 2012
No problem! (-: Mouse Shaker is not being maintained for the current time. Thank you for you great words and suggestions!
By ELIAN, at Sep 6, 2012
HI GUY!!! Thanks for share your creations. Well, i use CUT, COPY, PASTE, UNDELETE and CREATE NEW FOLDER actions to much. i said TO MUCH. It will be fabulous if you can add that actions to perform with the mouse. (Scroll up and down too) It will be more usefull for me, when i use the mouse with a hand y smoke with the other hand (o drink a coffe) without have to be dropping the ciggar o the coffe to press the shorcuts keyboard (for example: cut, copy, paste, undelete) Thanks again. (Apologies for my english)
By Tamir, at Jun 21, 2012
A great App !
By Sir Pent, at Oct 19, 2011
This is pretty cool, nice job.
By tmAc, at Mar 14, 2011
Works great with win7 x64 thanks !!
By Shynet, at Dec 16, 2010
It does work in XP.
By SJ, at Dec 16, 2010
Doesn't it work in windows XP?
By BJ, at Nov 9, 2010
I don't know, cool?
By Denis, at Jun 19, 2010
how add gesture with keypres actions? I want add scroll pages [Up/Down] in the browsers and pdf readers. thanks.
By Shynet, at Jun 19, 2010
I'm sorry but with the current version of Mouse Shaker you are unable to perform keypress actions for Page up and Page down (you can only type sentences).
By Shynet, at Jun 8, 2010
Do you get any error message? or you are unable to perform any gestures?
By Ash, at Jun 8, 2010
It doesn't work for me!
By NGBigField, at Jan 4, 2010
His best yet !
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