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Please download the android APK for you mobile device at:

SMSFromPC allows you to manage your SMS messages directly from your computer.
It allows you to send/read SMS messages on your computer instead of using your phone.

When you receive a new SMS a notification will pop up at your computer with the contact
image and name. You can then open up the message and write it back on your computer just like
a chat! the message will be sent from your device. The whole conversation will appear at your computer
without any need of picking up the phone.

SMSFromPC allows you to view your phone contacts within the application. You can find a specific contact
easily by using a dedicated search box. Contact will appear with it's name, phone number and thumbnail.
You can then call that specific contact or send him a message.

Lost your phone within your house and it's volume is down (muted)? Use the "Ring" feature
that allows you to get your phone volume to max and make it ring so you can find it.

- Windows XPVista7.
- A phone with Wifi connection running Android.
- SMSFromPC server. Download from
- Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 (Comes with Windows 7 and most updated windows).

- Send and receive SMS messages on your computer. Use your computer keyboard
for comfort instead of your phone virtual keys.
- Find contacts easily and call them.
- Ring! allows you to make your phone ring even when volume is down. Easily
find your phone within your house.
- Easy setup. Your phone will automaticlly connect to your computer when
Wifi is on.

Setup guide:
1. Download the Andorid application to your phone.
2. Connect to your Wifi network on your phone. Always make sure Wifi is on for this work.
3. Download the SMSFromPC Server application to your computer and start it.
4. Your phone will send a "Peer" request on your computer. Click on "Allow".

Comments (18)
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By Mike, at Jun 10, 2018
The links appear to be down at the moment. Do you have any plans to re-link them? Thanks!
By Shynet, at Mar 21, 2014
Techgal: SMS From PC can be peered and unpeered. Simply peer your device with the computer you wish to use and unpeer it to use it with another computer.
By Techgal, at Jan 17, 2014
Question - what if you have a desktop PC and also a laptop or Windows tablet? Can the PC app be on both in the same WiFi network? Can phone update to both?
By Shynet, at May 2, 2013
Dave: Thank you so much!
By Dave, at Apr 10, 2013
WOW thanks. Wanted to let you that I believe that your site looks really great. It is about time someone designed an EYE easy site. Going to try your app very soon, on my Alcatel Authority. Thanks!
By Shynet, at Aug 17, 2012
Hello EPL, Have you purchased the app? if so, I can refund you. Anyway, I'm sure it's something with your network settings on the PC or phone. Can you pass a ping between them?
By EPL, at Aug 13, 2012
App fails to discover device. Installed on an HTC One S and a Win 7 laptop. WiFi on, both devices, same SSID. Both devices connected. Impossibler to use purchased app. Disappointing.
By Shynet, at May 22, 2012
Hello and thank you for your suggestion (-: I will consider adding a USBBluetooth support in the next version. Thank you for purchasing SMS From PC!
By Chris, at May 20, 2012
Tested the new version and bought PRO in GooglePlay. Problem is, it only works in "private" WLAN, not at the Office nor in other "public" WLAN's. Moreover, sometimes the connection break. Absolutely great would be an option to connect phone either by USB and/or Bluetooth. So we can use the tool without being connected to WiFi.
By Shynet, at Apr 27, 2012
A new version released with long messages support and multi contacts messaging feature!
By Shynet, at Apr 20, 2012
Thank you so much! (-: will start working on an update next week.
By Chris, at Apr 20, 2012
Thanks for information. SMS From PC is a really great tool! Thanks for sharing it with us. Will buy it as soon as long messages is supported.
By Shynet, at Apr 19, 2012
Hello, sending long messages is not yet supported with SMS From PC. Soon an update will be released with a fix.
By Chris, at Apr 19, 2012
Hello. Itsn't it possible to send long messages?I got a message that "this could be due message being too long, retry?" Does is work with full-version? Thanks for help
By Shynet, at Mar 30, 2012
Are you using Go SMS? Go SMS makes some issues with the application.
By Sam, at Mar 26, 2012
Sending messages works fine, but why can't I see new recieved messages on my pc without resynchronizing?
By Shynet, at Mar 13, 2012
Hello. Your phone has to be on the same wifi network your computer is.
By PJ, at Mar 12, 2012
Just wondering.. do the phone and PC have to be on the same wifi network? For example, if I left my phone at home would I be able to see the sms messages from my PC at work? Thanks PJ
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