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TakeABreak Gadget

This gadget is based on the TakeABreak application.

This gadget has been designed to help you manage your computer hours and breaks
to protect your eyes.

It features a small eye that blinks letting you know you should blink.
By default this gadget uses the 20 20 20 rule, for every 20 minutes you should
take a break of 20 seconds and look at an object 20 feet away (6 meters).
When break time arrives a sound is being played and the eye shuts.

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Comments (12)
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By ةخاشةثي, at Mar 5, 2021
By Shynet, at Oct 25, 2012
Thanks for you correction. My English is not perfect (-:
By Redmaledeer, at Oct 11, 2012
Whoops. I meant "Take" not "Tke." Pretty dumb when I'm trying to correct English.
By Redmaledeer, at Oct 11, 2012
Your English is of course excellent. When TakeABreak says "Take a break until this message will disappear" it is totally understandable. But it would be idiomatic to say "Tke a break until this message disappears." Thank you for a nice program that does just what's needed in a simple, straightforward way
By Shynet, at Jun 7, 2012
You can change the sound at any time by going to the gadget settings. Contact me at and I will explain.
By jon, at Jun 5, 2012
great app! Could you please add an option to select your own sound? That would really improve it's usability I think. (your included sound is too loud/long for my taste, actually it gets really annoying after a while) thanks a bunch! bye
By fyn, at Oct 20, 2010
that's fixed it - fab! thank you.
By Shynet, at Oct 20, 2010
I updated the gadget, it's now compatible with IE9, download it again and try it out
By fyn, at Oct 20, 2010
yes (looks sheepish as I didn't think of that - d'oh!)
By fyn, at Oct 19, 2010
This is a brilliant gadget - genius idea! I do have one question tho..... when my gaget blinks the background around it goes white, which is really obvious against my black background. Any ideas?
By Shynet, at Oct 19, 2010
Thank you! (-: Are you using Internet Explorer 9?
By Leon, at Sep 15, 2010
It really helps! Highly recommended.
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