Software information

nJoy Server

To use this appplication you must have an Android device running the nJoy application version 1.3.0 or higher. This application requires Windows XPVista7 and .Net Framework 3.5 or above.

Download the Android APK from the marketplace:
Available in Android Market

nJoy is a complete PC remote controlling solution!

nJoy includes a gaming joystick layout and a comprehensive desktop control
layout consisted of media controls, web surfing and text input options,
an efficient and easy to use mouse controls and more...!

nJoy makes use of a Wi-Fi or internet connection for communication with a PC.
Thus, the effective range of a Wi-Fi signal is not an issue.
The device's 3G connection can be used if the wifi connection is inefficient or not available.

The gaming joystick allows you to use your phone as a game controller,
much like an actual gaming console controller for any game by assigning keyboard and mouse actuations!

A multi-touch interface consisted of a left analog stick and on screen action buttons is coupled
with the device’s accelerometer to enable full game control!

Multiple android devices can be connected to a single PC to allow split screen gaming.

nJoy media controls allow remotely pausing and resuming as well as skipping between tracks.
Mouse control is implemented with a track pad, similar to a laptop track pad solution.

Finger gestures are available for zooming, swipe scrolling and maximizing/minimizing windows.

nJoy includes further options such as closing windows, go to desktop, accessing libraries,
loading websites, running applications and much more...

Comments (284)
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By abnya, at Nov 18, 2022
By jfg, at Aug 13, 2022
By sameuel, at Jul 12, 2021
By Street Fighter III 3rd Strike:, at Apr 10, 2021
b. was here
By Street Fighter III 3rd Strike:, at Apr 10, 2021
mercy, yo
By tmg, at Jan 16, 2021
By ladinog78, at Jan 10, 2021
By adsk, at Dec 21, 2020
By hjhh, at Nov 29, 2020
By lEONARDO, at Oct 26, 2020
By gjjhjh, at Oct 2, 2020
By sgdrg, at Sep 25, 2020
By Nelson , at Sep 5, 2020
By Netherquark, at May 29, 2020
LOVE IT 💖 Can you please make a Linux version or help me out with WINE or tell me how I can implement it by compiling the source code?
By lucas, at May 19, 2020
Vms lá!
By ludo, at Apr 22, 2020
super !
By legion, at Apr 18, 2020
How to download this?
By leo, at Feb 14, 2020
By lucas, at Jan 22, 2020
By Nelson, at Dec 20, 2019
By stev, at Nov 16, 2019
great madajsdlkñfdj
By romulo, at Nov 3, 2019
By no harm ment, at Oct 23, 2019
By Juki, at Oct 5, 2019
By luzian almeida, at Jun 7, 2019
muito legal
By luzian, at Jun 7, 2019
By luzian, at Jun 7, 2019
By lion, at Jun 7, 2019
By 残恋, at Apr 20, 2019
By maykon Douglas Chico Pinto, at Apr 13, 2019
Bagulho loco
By mateus, at Mar 15, 2019
By filipaogamer345, at Mar 1, 2019
androidpit fez essa utilização
By pablo, at Dec 12, 2018
By george, at Nov 26, 2018
By asdasd, at Aug 26, 2018
By Carlos, at Mar 31, 2018
n que conectar
By Impetus, at Mar 16, 2018
nJoy Lite just gives the error message no route to host when connecting to a computer.
By Buster, at Feb 10, 2018
By Just one, at Dec 21, 2017
By paulo, at Oct 2, 2017
By dssd, at Sep 25, 2017
By Shin, at Sep 21, 2017
Also, input wont work on android if Player-1's default config input has been changed on PC. If it's left with default keys on PC tho, android's WORKING FINE, even if Player-2 is configured. Win10
By Shin, at Sep 21, 2017
I can't delete game name. Did right-click mouse & clicked Remove Game. It says Succesfully removed but still there. Tried Admin, normal, restart app, reboot PC, even reinstalled nJoy server. Help!
By Shynet, at Aug 24, 2017
Esteban: Make sure that windows firewall is not blocking nJoy, also make sure that the IP address and the device is on the same wifi network of your PC.
By 来来来, at Aug 6, 2017
By Esteban, at Jul 9, 2017
I have a problem, I get a box that says: "failed to connect to / (port 2020): connect failed: ETIMEDOUT (Connection timed out) in android.
By bob, at Apr 15, 2017
play pingpang
By jm2k7, at Apr 11, 2017
i can't play games with directinput controllers, this not have hid drivers. this only emulate keyboard and mouse, is not native joystick game controller. badass emulator.
By 正门, at Mar 24, 2017
By 花子, at Mar 16, 2017
By Dick, at Feb 21, 2017
By 哥哥, at Feb 16, 2017
By SMITH peter, at Feb 2, 2017
66666666666666 草泥马
By 帅哥, at Jan 22, 2017
By 帅哥, at Jan 20, 2017
By 123, at Jan 12, 2017
By Shynet, at Oct 29, 2016
For the current time, there is no linux server yet )-:
By big g, at Oct 21, 2016
Any chance of a linux server? Or is there one by another dev?
By biuce li, at Sep 3, 2016
kaka so what?
By Shynet, at Aug 6, 2016
Feremist: This sounds weird. Do you have Microsoft .net framework 3.5?
By Feremist, at May 17, 2016
whenever i try to open this thing i get error code 0x80070422. Anyone else have this problem?
By Shynet, at Nov 5, 2015
emjapeve: Turn on the wifi on your phone and make sure your phone and PC are on the same wifi network.
By emjapeve, at Oct 21, 2015
failed to connect to (port 2020): connect failed: ETIMEDOUT (connection timed out), I already tried the free version and pay, but still same, any recommendation? firewall is not blocking
By suri, at Jul 21, 2015
Mi celular no se conecta ala compu
By Shynet, at Jul 1, 2015
Johnny: Try disabling Windows Firewall to see if it works. mhrpr: Try the same, turn off the firewall and make sure you are on the same WIFI network.
By mhrpr, at Jun 13, 2015
it does"nt connect the error type is:ETIMEDOUT i tried alot but nothing happened
By Johnny, at May 31, 2015
the phone shows that 'fail to /........(port ....): connect fail: EHOSTUNREACH (No route to host) even after I have connected them to the same WIFI with correct ip
By Shynet, at May 27, 2015
carrie: Make sure that you are on the same network (WIFI) with your computer. Make sure Windows Firewall does not block nJoy.
By carrie, at May 19, 2015
whenever i try to connect ETIMEDOUT pops up saying it wont connect. what should i do?
By Shynet, at Apr 24, 2015
frosyvb: Make sure you disabled the accelerometer. Holding the button should work.
By frostyvb, at Apr 22, 2015
How do i make it hold a key? Im using a flight sim and when I mapped X to be the left arrow. But when i press X it only presses it once not continuously so i have to keep tapping it pls help.
By Shynet, at Jan 15, 2015
irshad: It's just like in other Windows version, simply connect to the local network address ip.
By irshad, at Dec 14, 2014
how to cunnect it in windows 8.1
By Shynet, at Nov 9, 2014
What is the error? can you mail it to me at ?
By stu, at Oct 23, 2014
server cant install keeps on crashing on opening
By Shynet, at Sep 26, 2014
Masekela: nJoy simulates a keyboard and not a real joystick. You must configure nJoy for each game in order for it to work.
By aplix, at Sep 11, 2014
By Masekela, at Sep 10, 2014
HI. I can connect to the server on my pc, but the problem is that when i launch a game on my pc, the controller is not listed in the game controllers menu. I think the problem is with the driver. I have noticed that most apps come with a server and a DRIVER. If anyone knows the link to the driver, I would like to know. Thanks.
By Jefferson, at Aug 22, 2014
Android server? To control another android devive.
By andre luiz , at Aug 18, 2014
bem legal
By zaid, at Aug 15, 2014
thx u fuak
By Rafae, at Aug 4, 2014
By Shynet, at Jul 25, 2014
Eddy: I'm sorry but A mac version is not expected to be released. Avyler: Make sure that Windows firewall is not blocking the application and the phone is on your WIFI as well.
By Avyler, at Jul 19, 2014
hello, I am unable to connect the application to the server, I have a wireless network and put the ip in the application, need to do anything else? Thank you
By Eddy, at Jul 17, 2014
Will there be a mac version? Has someone tried a winebottle?
By rafael, at Jul 14, 2014
very goood very goood
By joais, at Jul 8, 2014
muito bom
By Shynet, at Jun 18, 2014
Shahfawie: It is compatible with Windows 8.
By Shahfawie, at Jun 13, 2014
it is not compatible with windows 8?
By Shynet, at Jun 11, 2014
mateo: Can you please explain it in English?
By harry, at Jun 7, 2014
thats amazng!
By mateo, at Jun 6, 2014
ami no me sirve, para nada mi teléfono no hace el enlace con la pc y no se que podría ser puesto que lo hago todo como es, o tiene algo que ver que tenga windows 8 o mi telefono?
By isaac mendes, at Apr 29, 2014
By isaac mendes, at Apr 29, 2014
gostei muito do programa, isso foi a solução para mim...
By Stefan janevs, at Apr 20, 2014
I am stefan janevski
By Pio, at Mar 25, 2014
By joao, at Mar 15, 2014
By Shynet, at Mar 13, 2014
Pr07o7yp3, I wrote your comment and I will consider adding this feature for the next version of nJoy.
By mike, at Mar 10, 2014
By Pr07o7yp3, at Mar 8, 2014
Can you remove the notification bar and nJoy title bar when is it in game mode and make the buttons on gamepad bigger cause I miss them too much.
By Ander, at Feb 25, 2014
Genial :D, muchas gracias por tan buena aplicacion ^^ Saludos desde Venezuela-
By JaviSR, at Feb 24, 2014
I have a problem with this, it doesn't run quite well, I can play games like Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed.. but I have games like S.K.I.L.L. wich this doesn't run. Also when I open some programmes like Game Booster, this doesn't run again.. Please I need an answer
By kergan, at Feb 22, 2014
Hello for everyone having issues the problem is that the software is not giving you the correct IPv4 for the computer. I had to input cmd in the search bar for Windows 7 then type ipconfig to find the correct IPv4 then I was able to connect. I hope that this gets corrected in the future.
By liomar, at Feb 20, 2014
veeeeeeeery good
By Shynet, at Feb 13, 2014
People having trouble with connection: Make sure your phone and PC on the same wifi network, and you connect to the internal ip on your LAN network. If it's still not working try to turn off Windows Firewall and try again.
By franck, at Feb 12, 2014
Can't connect
By ss, at Feb 7, 2014
By Michael, at Feb 6, 2014
Não consigo baixar, aprarece a mesagem ..não pore abrir. ?
By adriano paulo, at Feb 1, 2014
acho que e bom pelos comentaris
By paulo, at Jan 14, 2014
By dfgdsg, at Jan 10, 2014
By Bernardozk, at Jan 9, 2014
By roy, at Jan 4, 2014
@magher: I had the same problem. Go to configurations in parallels, chose hardware, connect the network directly to your wifi-device (I chose virtio-network adapter and wlan). I think normally it's an internal connection that can't connect directly to the device with nJoy... Hope it works :)
By Sיטמקא, at Dec 4, 2013
Don't know about parallel (I guess it some kind of Windows virtualization app) anyway, make sure you can ping your phone from your computer, that your computer and phone are on the same network and that the nJoy server is running. If it still does not work try to disable the firewall temporary.
By Shynet, at Nov 29, 2013
You should use both of your fingers (just as the video shows) and move them up or down accordingly.
By Magher, at Nov 29, 2013
Hi, I'm trying to connect an xperia play with njoy on win7 run from parallels on mac but I keep having the timeout connection problem. I already check all the allowed connection on the firewalls (win & mac) but nothing. Anybody can help? tanks
By sgttt, at Nov 21, 2013
how do you scroll on the mouse pad. withouth using the scrollbars.
By Shynet, at Nov 7, 2013
momo, can you please ask the question in English? I cannot understand it.
By momo, at Oct 25, 2013
je met mon adresse ip apres y'a ecrit connecting y'a rien qui ce passe apres sur mon telephone on me dit the operation timed out quelqu'un sait comment faire svp
By Shynet, at Oct 23, 2013
maher: Just create a layout for project64kve. Change the button layout for the game you are playing if you need so.
By maher, at Oct 22, 2013
how do i get it to work with project64kve?
By AW, at Oct 16, 2013
By jelle, at Oct 12, 2013
By Shynet, at Oct 10, 2013
When launching nJoy, go to "Setup" and set "Tilt amount" to a value you find suitable.
By Ej, at Sep 22, 2013
Why are the tilt controls too sensitive when I use it on any driving game a little tilt to the left and the steering wheel in the game moves all the way the same thing happens for the other side any idea how to fix this ? :)
By Shynet, at Sep 16, 2013
Yes, it works.
By cmtry, at Sep 14, 2013
does it works on w8?
By Shynet, at Aug 23, 2013
smokin: Make sure Windows Firewall is not blocking you.
By Shynet, at Aug 23, 2013
Ross: Check your firewall as well and make sure your Wifi is on.
By smokin, at Aug 14, 2013
I get the following error in the phone while trying to connect: ==================================================== Unable to connect failed to connect ro / (port 2020): connect failed: ETIMED OUT (Connection timed out) ====================================================
By Travis Mackme, at Aug 11, 2013
Love It
By Ross, at Aug 10, 2013
I can't get my phone to connect to my computer. It times out when trying to connect. I used the command prompt to find my ip address. I should use the ipv4 correct? If not what ip do I use. Please Help!!!
By bro, at Aug 10, 2013
By Neils Karlson, at Aug 1, 2013
I Didn't found a volume control. it would be perfect with in the new version of this app in the media contol section. Thanks for this apllication. Good job.
By JAAM, at Jul 20, 2013
No entendí nada, espero que la aplicación funcione
By Shynet, at Jul 12, 2013
Mayke: What do you mean sometimes it works and sometimes it's not working? Does it happen in the middle or just when you try to connect it works/stops working?
By Mayke, at Jul 11, 2013
Someone help me. Some times, the njoy run perfecty, but some times not. Its say Connection Timed Out. I have look in Firewall, and nothing. Please help me....
By shady, at Jul 5, 2013
By Shynet, at Jun 27, 2013
dovy: Go to Control Panel and Windows Firewall. Simply add nJoy as exception in the firewall permitted application list.
By dovy, at Jun 21, 2013
How do i open 2020 port on w7 so i could pass that error that shows me Time out .
By happyypah, at Jun 21, 2013
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By ferchi, at Jun 20, 2013
de pelos
By joseph, at Jun 11, 2013
By Shynet, at Jun 7, 2013
Does other application work with your S2 accelerometer?
By Dmitry, at Jun 1, 2013
I bought njoy, but accelerometer don't work on my Galaxy S2 :(
By yo, at May 28, 2013
By alberto, at May 28, 2013
By arch, at May 22, 2013
looking forward to t
By Shynet, at May 12, 2013
manas: Do you have any errors? Have you tried the server with Windows Firewall off?
By manas bigd, at May 10, 2013
server is not working...
By Shynet, at May 9, 2013
Renat: Have you tried mapping them to other keys?
By Renat, at May 8, 2013
Everything well , but "select" and "start" buttons doesnt work, even after renaming . Why? SGS III
By wanda, at May 7, 2013
Does it play the games on android phone
By chris, at May 6, 2013
Im having trouble on this,im connected to my com via 3G but,the problem is it doesnt work i turn off firewall still not working,when i say its not working i mean the the mouse don't move,but the window commands work,also the game controller is not working,but the command launch game works it open games,so why its no working?
By Shynet, at Apr 25, 2013
hest00: Make sure that Windows Firewall is not preventing nJoy Server.
By hest00, at Apr 23, 2013
Hi, im having some trouble here... i cant connect to the pc. the hosting program is opened and my phone and pc are connected to the same wifi... i get the "connection timed out" error.. somebody please help me.
By Shynet, at Apr 18, 2013
frank: On which game is it? does the keys work well and the mouse is making issues?
By frank, at Apr 16, 2013
hi it connects ok but wont work in game or the mouse in windows but the left and right click work
By Rafa, at Apr 11, 2013
It's owesome
By Shynet, at Apr 11, 2013
compnerd: Make sure you are connected to the same wifi network and that port 2020 is opened in Windows Firewall.
By leonardo, at Apr 11, 2013
quiero este programa
By compnerd, at Apr 1, 2013
can no longer connect since update earlier today
By compnerd, at Apr 1, 2013
nvm that again port 2020 no route to host cant connect
By compnerd, at Apr 1, 2013
never mind thx its working
By XRumerTest, at Mar 31, 2013
Hello. And Bye.
By XRumerTest, at Mar 29, 2013
Hello. And Bye.
By John, at Mar 27, 2013
Trying to connect with my phone set to 3G-network, and my pc using WIFI, any common reasons why this wont work?
By Shynet, at Mar 27, 2013
Connect your mobile to your computer Wifi as well.
By Shynet, at Mar 21, 2013
Hello, which version of nJoy are you using? lite or full? What is the exact issue?
By john , at Mar 16, 2013
im having trouble assigning accelerometer to tilt functions on njoy. is there a detailed help file or something somewhere
By Shynet, at Mar 15, 2013
achilleas: It should also work in portrati mode. Press the menu button to make sure it's enabled.
By achilleas, at Mar 12, 2013
hi,is it possible to use accelerometer input with phone in landscape but verticaly?? (i can only use accelerometer input holding phone in landscape but horizontaly)
By wael, at Mar 12, 2013
funny app
By mohammad ayya, at Mar 5, 2013
this is a very nice application
By Shynet, at Mar 3, 2013
Ralp - nJoy should work for any game but it's not treated as a real joystick - so if thats what you mean, yes, it still does not support a real joystick simulation. Farnsworth - Make sure the account that purchased nJoy is linked to the phone and that your internet connection is turned on.
By Farnsworth, at Feb 26, 2013
Just got a new phone and downloaded the full version of njoy. My phone tells me that njoy is not licensed for my new phone. Is the license not transferable or have I done something wrong?
By Ralp, at Feb 24, 2013
Have you ever considered adding directinput support?
By SANDOR, at Feb 17, 2013
By Shynet, at Feb 15, 2013
Thank you (-: for the current time nJoy will stay with the same key layout. But in future versions I might improve the key layout and add more joystick buttons.
By wifi guy, at Feb 14, 2013
i use this app to play gw2 . works great my question is are there any future plans to implement 2-4 more buttons. i think then it would be a complete game controller. thx for the hard work.
By Bill, at Feb 13, 2013
Great APp!
By Shynet, at Feb 6, 2013
As long as this interface is related to your wifi connection it should work, just give it your Wifi interface card IP.
By Slug, at Feb 5, 2013
Please, is it possible to choose the IP interface ? I've got multiple interface such as VMWare, WIfi and ethernet
By Gabriel, at Jan 25, 2013
eu quero usar essa poha
By Felipe Matos , at Jan 25, 2013
It looks like an amazing app! :D
By Shynet, at Jan 24, 2013
Can you ping your phone from your PC?
By :p, at Jan 19, 2013
well at least you could tell me what to do
By Shynet, at Jan 18, 2013
mark: Try to turn of Windows Firewall and try again. Make sure your phone and computer are on the same wifi network. p: Does it start? are you able to see the main application window?
By :p, at Jan 18, 2013
sorry, I posted as mark, im the same person, and nope it started once, but I wasn't able to connect my phone with the pc, but I will try to turn off the firewall
By :p, at Jan 18, 2013
nope, it did not work by the way I have the full version of Njoy
By :p, at Jan 18, 2013
the aplication is not working and I have installed everything, even .net frameworks 3.5.1, but the program does not start and when it does my phone does not connect to it
By mark , at Jan 18, 2013
and the phone also says connection timed out
By XYZzzz, at Jan 3, 2013
nice application
By Sיטמקא, at Jan 2, 2013
Please download and install Microsoft Net framework 3.5 or above.
By ChemandO, at Dec 31, 2012
hey Homz the program open when I put a message that says: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Core, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = b77a5c561934e089' or one of its dependencies. The System Could not find the file specified and not let me do anything because I close the program
By maik, at Dec 17, 2012
By Shynet, at Dec 11, 2012
Can you see that the start or stop buttons are being pressed? Have you tried changing their key action on the nJoy computer client?
By JJ, at Dec 11, 2012
I have just installed NJoy and it seems to be working well except for the start and select keys. No NES emulator i've tried will pick the select or start keys up, although they work fine in notepad?
By mamoru, at Nov 27, 2012
By lusi, at Nov 27, 2012
By Shynet, at Nov 23, 2012
Currently - there is no support for Xperia Play, I'm sorry.
By Miki, at Nov 22, 2012
Njoy can't run on Win XP SP3 pleas hellp. What shoud i doo.
By Miki, at Nov 22, 2012
Sorry my mistake.I instald microsoft framework 3.5 and now it works. Sorry for bad english.
By Kergan, at Nov 22, 2012
Is there support for the hardware keys in the xperia play? If not could you consider adding support for the xperia play in the future :) if possible reply to
By Shynet, at Nov 14, 2012
Prabeg: Have you tested it on Win 8? SammyAg: Press on the menu key and select "Game" for game mode. It should open up the joystick.
By SammyAg, at Nov 13, 2012
Hey! Well i have the app on Huaweii CM980 and the keyboard and other windows functions work well but, the joystick doesnt show up in the Phone Screen, it just appear the Windows functions and Media Control... Please Help! :S
By Prabeg, at Nov 12, 2012
not supported in win8
By Shynet, at Nov 9, 2012
Please download and install Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5: Good luck!
By theo, at Nov 5, 2012
sorry for so many comment, it seems that my connection is not well, sorry... :(
By Shynet, at Oct 18, 2012
Hello, nJoy simulates keyboard and mouse movements - not real joystick input. Unfortunately - in this version it cannot simulate a real joystick input.
By Michael, at Oct 14, 2012
I'm interested in purchasing the full app. But so far I can only map keyboard and mouse keys. Where or how do I calibrate the axis for Joystick? Trying to use it for flying planes in FSX. Windows doesn't recognize the joystick nor does the game? IS this really a joystick app or just a key remote? Thanks for the great development.
By Shynet, at Oct 12, 2012
You are right - for some reason it was disabled for Turkey. I now enabled and you should be able to purchase it in a couple of minutes.
By Fikret, at Oct 12, 2012
I'm using lite version and i want to buy normal version but when i try to download from google play store it says it doesn't use in your country (turkey)
By Shynet, at Oct 5, 2012
Can you send me picture of the error shown?
By cool_devil33, at Oct 5, 2012
i dwnlded the njoy software... bt wen i run it.. it shows some error tht some file is missing.. plz fix it soon... m waiting eagerly to use this app nd show off in front of my frendz.. :)
By cool_devil33, at Oct 5, 2012
i dwnlded the njoy software... bt wen i run it.. it shows some error tht some file is missing.. plz fix it soon... m waiting eagerly to use this app nd show off in front of my frendz.. :)
By Murat, at Sep 28, 2012
Where is Linux version?
By Shynet, at Sep 28, 2012
I'm sorry - there is no linux version.
By heriberto, at Sep 24, 2012
alguien me puede ayudar, mi cel solo se queda en conecting y de ahi no pssa nada
By Shynet, at Sep 23, 2012
Hello, marc: Please make sure that you are connected to the same network as on your computer is. Also make sure you typed the IP address correctly. Steve: To set up 2 players you have to go to the nJoy server application and click on "Create" on the bottom "Player keys" area. This creates a new player key layout that you can configure. Good luck!
By marc, at Sep 22, 2012
error, operation timed out helllp
By Steve, at Sep 22, 2012
here i have some problem..please help me ok first i play gamecube game tales of symphonia via dolphin emulator. it seems i cant set njoy to player 2 why? in pc i use player 1,and in njoy i want to set player 2 but what happened to me is in pc player 1 and njoy player 1 too.. how to set njoy to player 2? ....
By Shynet, at Sep 21, 2012
Hello guys, Marce: The tilt functions only works for the full version of nJoy. To use it in the nJoy Server simply click on the key you want to assign to each tilt action - on the nJoy Android app simply on the Gamepad click on the menu button and "Enable accelerometer" if it is disabled. Klass113: I'm sorry - but for the current time you can't.
By Rakesh Bro, at Sep 20, 2012
Yeh yeah now working...Thx me..:D
By Rakesh Bro, at Sep 20, 2012
Not working mobile doesn,t find the server on my pc...A waste..:P
By Klaas113, at Sep 20, 2012
Hi, i was wondering if there is a way to use an android phone with njoystick on a android tablet? this would be ultimate! ;)
By Marce, at Sep 20, 2012
Hi! How do the tilt function works? It appears in the gameped settings but with "none" selected. How do I use it for "Cars 2" for example? Thanks and great work!
By SchweiglAnd, at Sep 12, 2012
The Server program Doesnt started in my Win7. I have Framework 4
By Shynet, at Sep 12, 2012
SchweiglAnd: Does any error appears? Edgar: Yes, simply copy and pase the nJoy installation directory and that should work.
By Edgar, at Sep 11, 2012
Is there a way to run the nJoy Server as a portable app from a USB drive?
By Edgar, at Sep 11, 2012
Is there a way to run the nJoy Server as a portable app from a USB drive?
By lolo, at Sep 7, 2012
I wana try it, looks awesome!
By Carlos, at Sep 5, 2012
Hello, how can I change the gamepad layout? can be done? Thx.
By Shynet, at Sep 5, 2012
You only have 3 layouts. The mousepad layout, 4 button layout and 6 button layout. To switch between the 6 and 4 button layout simply use the top right and top left arrow buttons. To switch to the "Mousepad" layout click on the "Menu" button and select "Mousepad". Custom layouts are not currently supported.
By Shynet, at Aug 31, 2012
Hello Vijay, You simply need to configure nJoy with the correct keyboard layout for each play. For example: if player one moves the game character using the WASD keys, you need to configure the Player 1 joystick layout according to the layout.
By Vijay, at Aug 30, 2012
I have 2 android devices and want to play multiplayer games like Ea sports FIFA etc. How to setup the controls? Thanks in advance
By Shynet, at Aug 28, 2012
nJoy is compatible with Windows 7 64Bit. Does any error appear?
By agus, at Aug 26, 2012
great app! works great, but when i test it in a 64 bit win7 it crashed automatically, is it not compatible with 64 bit OS?
By Af, at Aug 2, 2012
for need for speed my android phone wt19i can not use
By Shynet, at Aug 2, 2012
Have you changed the other keys layout in the computer application? and Pablo: I'm sorry but no plans for MAC or Ubuntu.
By Shynet, at Aug 2, 2012
Which version of nJoy are you using?
By Af, at Aug 2, 2012
I had connected to my phone successfully.The problem is when I open my game PES2010, only one button function that is A
By Pablo, at Jul 22, 2012
Any plans for a MAC OS or Ubuntu versions?
By Shynet, at Jul 12, 2012
Hello, It seems like a bug that happens often. To fix it try the following: 1. Close nJoy. 2. Open the Run dialog (Win + R) and type: "%appdata%\Nemex\nJoy" (without the quotes). Now open the joystickmapping.xml file with notepad. 3. Find an element called Keymap with the name of your game and remove it and it's closing element. (All elements within also). 4. Re-open nJoy! Good luck!
By Ro, at Jul 12, 2012
I can't remove a game, I remove it but it stays in the list...
By Shynet, at Jul 11, 2012
The "Win" is a key between the CTRL and ALT buttons on your keyboard. (also called the "Windows key").
By xD guy, at Jul 6, 2012
By Shynet, at Jul 5, 2012
In your computer - type Win + R and "cmd". A black window should pop up. Go to your phone Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi Settings > click on "Menu" > Advanced. Then write down the following on "cmd": ping [IP address appears on your phone]. For example: ping Good luck!
By xD guy, at Jul 4, 2012
yes, theyre both connected to same wifi. how do i ping?
By Shynet, at Jul 4, 2012
Is your phone connected to the same WIFI network as your computer is? can you ping your phone from your computer?
By Shynet, at Jul 3, 2012
Hello and thank you for your feedback. nJoy support multi-touch for the joystick knob and the right action button. You can move the character and shoot together at once. Are you sure your mobile supports multi-touch well?
By xD guy, at Jul 3, 2012
Hi. The nJoy server is open, but when i try to connect... COULD NOT CONNECT CONNECTION TIMED OUT. help? PLEASE?
By Anonymous, at Jul 2, 2012
This application has worked almost flawlessly, but the joystick stick (knob) messes up far to frequently, and it does not support multi-touch to where I can hold down 2 buttons at once.
By Shynet, at Jun 18, 2012
Robert B. , Does your phone and computer are on the same WIFI network and can ping each other?
By Robert B. , at Jun 17, 2012
HTC Sensation 4G for T-Mobile and Compaq Presario CQ-60 419 will not talk to eachother. tried everything including following the instructions word for word. If the demo wont operate little chance I'd purchase the full version. make the auto connect free. please improve. thanks anyways though
By Shynet, at May 28, 2012
Thank you for your feedback (-: I already got a suggestion for a bluetooth support and I will consider adding it on newer versions.
By Hen Asraf, at May 27, 2012
How about adding Bluetooth connection like Unified Remote? :) Will make this super easy
By Shynet, at May 26, 2012
Have you create a new layout by using the "Create" button and configured the layout according to the other player keys? If so, have you chose the correct device at the top right and picked the appropriate layout you created?
By gsmaan, at May 26, 2012
Hi,, I want to use two different mobile to play one game but both mobiles works same player 1 not for player 2 even i tried to change in option but did not work...
By Shynet, at May 23, 2012
Make sure you have entered the correct IP address of your computer (Win + R > cmd > ipconfig). If you have several IP addresses try each one until you suicide.
By Florent, at May 18, 2012
My O.S is Windows seven 64-bit
By Florent, at May 17, 2012
Yes they are connected on the same wifi network i have use wireless network watcher on my pc my galaxy s2 is connected to the wifi too and windows firewall allow njoy. The ping enter my pc and my phone works. Thanks for your help.
By Shynet, at May 17, 2012
Make sure that the computer and the phone are on the same Wifi network. Can you ping your phone from your computer?
By Florent, at May 17, 2012
Hi njoy server is open but when i try to connect my galaxy s2 with my ip adress of the computer, it's not working. I have an "no route to host"
By Shynet, at May 4, 2012
Mega Patil: Do any error pops up? this shouldn't happen. shinigami: Can a ping get between the laptop and the phone?
By shinigami, at May 3, 2012
why the program it is work with my Pc win 7 32 bit but does not work with my laptop win 7 64 bit and the two connected with same router wifi when i opened njoy in laptop it is okey and give me ip address but my samsung galaxy s ii phone can not find laptop and say connection time out and when put same ip address by phone same problam is exist what i should i do?
By Megh Patil, at May 3, 2012
the server closes after 15 mins auto i have full version
By Shynet, at Apr 21, 2012
Make sure that your phone is connected to the same wifi network as your computer is. If the issue still continue check if you can send a ping between the computer and the device.
By Mikael, at Apr 20, 2012
Hello! I really need some help with nJoy. For some reason, when I attempt to connect to the computer, it says "No route to host". Please help me :(
By Shynet, at Feb 29, 2012
What kind of error appears?
By Runner, at Feb 23, 2012
Hi, on my 7 64b, framework 4.0, the nJoy server doesn't work... help?
By Shynet, at Feb 15, 2012
Hello, thank you for comment. I have added the requirements on top of the description. Thanks again!
By Nikoz, at Feb 15, 2012
Please, add in your description what OS support the server, since you didn't I downloaded the app to my cellphone and since I have a Mac I cant install the server.
By Shynet, at Feb 3, 2012
Make sure to download Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0:
By Gabe, at Feb 2, 2012
the Server is not opening on my computer it is telling me "the application failed to initialize properly (0x0000135)."
By Shynet, at Jan 7, 2012
Simply by putting your computer external IP address (not the lan address!) in the "Add computer" screen. It is recommended to use Wifi as it much faster. Make sure port 2020 is opened.
By mitza, at Jan 7, 2012
how can i use it with my device's 3g network????
By Shynet, at Dec 13, 2011
Hello Rodrigo, You are right - playing racing games like Dirt 3 is not working well with nJoy as it simulates key presses and not real joystick input. I hope that in the next versions this app will simulate real joystick input as it is really important for games like this one. For the current time there is no newer versions on the way until a solution for the joystick input will be found or any new features will be added. Will be glad to talk with you on MSN (-: !
By Rodrigo, at Dec 12, 2011
Hi Shy! Is there a way to use tilt as an wheel? I was trying to play dirt3 with it but it didnt work well using(tilt). Because when i tilt the cel left it is like pressing a button on my Keyboard, I tilt and the car go all the way left. This could be a great upgrade for the app, where tilt command works like a Wheel. Another question, any upgrades for this incredible APP coming soon? Added you in msn. See ya and congratulations for the good job you did.
By Shynet, at Nov 16, 2011
Send me an email to I will try to help you out.
By chokwen, at Nov 13, 2011
I can not play games. This is not enough. Give explanations for beginners easy to understand. Please "MAME Emulator", "Need for speed" game, explain in detail.
By daniele, at Sep 20, 2011
sorry.I'd try to install the tools for pc and it's ok.
By Shynet, at Sep 20, 2011
The main reasons for disconnection can occur because of the following: 1. Windows firewall. 2. Wifi off. 3. Network issues (Can a ping can get between the computer and the device?). 4. nJoy server issues. Try to restart your nJoy server and reconnect. If it still doesn't work then it's one of the issues mentioned above.
By daniele, at Sep 20, 2011
I don't know, but my device can't connect with my Pc. whyyyy?I bought it today.
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