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Tired of going to YouTube just for a song? yPlayer allows you to type your song name and it will automatically play that song for you!

yPlayer allows you to view YouTube videos by just typing their keywords. It will store any video you are viewing
in the memory, allowing you to go back and forward between videos.

You can tell yPlayer to repeat a specific video, this allows you to keep listening to that one song you like!

- Easy to use!
- Stores any video you are viewing in the memory
so you can return to that one video easily!
- Control the video volume, repeats the video automatically,
and allows you to open the video in your browser in a press
of a button!

If the gadget does not work properly you will need to allow Flash Player to interact with YouTube's Javascript API. Use this settings menu to allow  it:

You should add the Windows Sidebar gadget directory in the exceptions (Always trust files in these locations). Default gadget directory is:
C:UsersYourUserAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows SidebarGadgets

If you are using a 64bit OS, it most likely that you will need to install Flash Player (the yPlayer will detect automatically if you need to install Flash Player and will redirect you to the Flash Player download page).

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By TotallyNotABo, at Jan 21, 2014
yPlayer is awesome! The only thing it just needs to be able to be resized...
By Farid, at Mar 8, 2013
lets check this out?!
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